Monday, September 1, 2008

Monday Man-Scott Speedman

Welcome to this week's Monday Man Edition.

Today I'm spotlighting Scott Speedman.

Back in the late 90's Scott Speedman was one of the "It" men on the deceased WB Network.

Speedman played sensitive and vulnerable Ben Covington on Felicity, starring Keri Russell, Scott Foley, and Tangi Miller.

True the concept for this show should have resulted in a restraining order set in place against Ms. Porter (Keri Russell), but in the world of entertainment this made for a great back and forth love story.

Skip to the next chapter of Speedman's career and you'll find the darkness of the Underworld, a kickass film about vampires (lycans) and werewolves. The success of the original film spawned a sequel titled Underworld Evolution.

But Speedman doesn't stop at acting around with werewolves and vampires, but took on three masked psychotic teens in the Strangers, starring Liv Tyler.

Curly haired, love-sick stalker, lycans and werewolves, and three masked predators. Whether it's human, animal, or somewhere in the middle, Scott Speedman's characters will sweet talk, maim or fight you if necessary. That is why he's this week's Monday Man.

Until next time.