Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Forget your troubles with Only You.

I find myself stuck in this 90’s theme and Only You made the cut. For many of you, this film hasn’t even shown up on your radar. However, I was hooked from day one.

Okay bear with me. The film came out in 1994 and starred the popular actors Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei. For some of my younger readers you may be thinking, who the flip are they? But if you were alive during the first term of Bill Clinton, you know who they are or should I say were?

Anyway, the film starts off ridiculous and just gets worse as it goes along. Tomei plays Faith, a 30 something middle school teacher that dreams of Prince Charming. Well, actually she dreams of Damon Bradley. He’s the guy her Ouija Board and Gypsy, carnival fortune-teller predicts she’ll marry someday. I know. I know.

Days before her wedding, she gets a phone call intended for her fiancé from Mr. Bradley Mr. Bradley is on his way to Venice for Business. Wish I had his job.

So feeling as though destiny is pushing her, Faith rushes off to the airport. She hops a plane with her best friend and sister-in-law, Kate played by Bonnie Hunt.

Before you know it, you’re face to face with breathtaking scenery. Blue skies, shining lakes, hand-sculpted statues, lush gardens and striking architecture flood your sight. Your eyes won’t know what to drink in first. If you’ve never been to Europe, like me, you can’t imagine visiting a place where angels must vacation.

As if the scenes of Venice and Rome aren’t enough, there’s real chemistry between the two lovers. Robert Downey Jr. and Marisa Tomei had me wondering if they really fell in love. I know some might say it was just good acting, but I know that wasn’t screen-tongue that I saw. There was passion between those lip-locks. It’s their passion for each other that brings you into their world. You begin to envy the whole love at first sight bull-honky.

However, their happiness is short-lived when Downey Jr. confesses his little white lie. This in turn sends him, the two ladies, and Kate’s platonic friend Giovanni, on a goose chase. Their escapades lead them to a place called Positano, Italy where you’ll see a young Billy Zane in a really bad wig.

Okay so why watch this film. Because it will make you forget the weather, your headache, and even your dinner on the stove. It’s filled with everything men hate and women love. So that’s reason enough to plan a girl’s night and watch it. Your good mood may depend on it.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hi Everyone!

I'm so sorry I haven't posted new articles. Last week was a little messy. I've been trying to get a new "day" job and I was distracted. However, I will have the other article for the topic I wish I were there. I have already watched the film and just have to type it up. The next topic will probably be Women Rule. I just saw a new film and can't wait to write about it. So stayed tuned all. I'm trying to fight the onset of a cold. Just bare with me.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Katherine Heigl, Take Me Away!

White sandy beaches. One-piece, thong swimsuits. Bright florescent clothes. Ahhh, the 90’s.

During this phase in time I was a tween, not quite kid, not quite a teen. In those days I lived many adventurous tales within my mind. I used any excuse to take myself away from the humdrum of Southern New Jersey living.

You would too if you went to Catholic School and constantly thought about a father who dipped in and out of your life like a census taker.

The movie My Father the Hero gave me the ticket to paradise I always wanted. It starred the then unknown actress Katherine Heigl and Gerard Depardieu. In this zany flick a father and daughter head off to the Bahamas for a vacation to reconnect. However, Nicole, played by Heigl, doesn’t make this easy for her deadbeat dad.

Nicole cooks up a scheme to get the boy of her dreams to notice and fall for her. Through the course of her lies she not only grows closer to her father, Depardieu, but she has a memory making first kiss.

True the plot can become somewhat ridiculous at times, but it still offers an entertaining escape from everyday life. Not to mention the location is gorgeous. I can’t help but envy the cast and crew because they got paid to be surrounded by sun, sand, and surf.

Although, the script makes Katherine Heigl’s character a cross between bi-polar and beautiful, she manages to pull off an endearing performance. She left me wondering what other movies she would go on to do.

However, it would take me till the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and 2007’s Knocked Up to see that this chick is more than a pretty face. She’s an actress who has the ability to take you with her, no matter how low the temperature drops.

I wish I were there...

Hello all. This week's topic came from the onset of brutal temperatures and my hatred towards the cold. Now I used to adore the winter since it brought the chance of a snow day, but now I just want to skip to spring.

This weeks topic is a I wish I were there. So each article will cover a location that I've seen on film that took my mind off Old Man Winter. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Pursue your Future with Shopgirl.

I found myself in my Simpsons Christmas PJ’s, watching Shopgirl. My ex and I watched this movie about a year and a half ago. At the time I had no idea that it would force me to reevaluate my life.

Shopgirl stars Steve Martin and Claire Danes. It’s based on his novella that was a bestseller. Danes plays an emotionally fragile young woman living in California, trying to find herself and repay her students loans. A subject many women can relate to.

Through the course of her job working at Saks Fifth Avenue, she meets the multi-millionaire, Ray Porter, played by Martin. He seduces her into his world with money, clothes, and sex. However, there’s a catch. While she begins to fall in love with him and daydreams of a future together, he constantly keeps her at arms length. His fear of commitment, infidelity, and lack of emotional sensitivity drives them apart.

But losing Ray and her student loans (he pays them off for her) allows Mirabelle financial freedom. In turn she’s able to pursue her dream of opening a gallery to showcase her work. Through fulfilling her passion, she finds herself a stable, reciprocal relationship with neurotic Jeremy, played by the eccentric Jason Schwartzman.

How can I relate to this film? Well, my relationship of nearly 4 years ended when my ex decided he wanted some personal space. Now I wasn’t the clingy type of woman at least I didn’t think I was. Hell, I like my own space since I’m an only child. But what it came down to is he wanted the closeness of a relationship, without the commitment.

Yes, it does suck. I have shed more tears than I’d like to count. But I"ll take fond memories of my lost love and lessons from this experience. However, I hope my passion for writing will heal my soul and bring a loving relationship.

Peace and best wishes. Although life stinks at times, it slowly gets better. Until it does, just watch a movie.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Some of my favorite movies...

Cry it Out! With The Way We Were.

An All-American guy and a curly-haired complicated, woman meet, love and split. No I’m not talking about the latest teen-flick out in theaters. I’m referring to the penultimate break-up film, The Way We Were.

I first discovered this movie at the ripe old age of twelve. I was stuck in bed with a cold the night before Thanksgiving and couldn’t sleep. After a few minutes of channel surfing after midnight I caught the opening scene of this wonderfully heart-breaking film.

This film struck a cord with me even as I began my adolescence. I suppose it’s the true romantic in me that drew me into this film. When you’re a teen you have insecurities and you desperately hope you’ll find true love.

Barbra Streisand is over-achiever, Katie Morosky, who meets the handsome, intelligent, and sexy Hubbell Gardner, played by Robert Redford. The two are from totally different crowds while in college, but their paths constantly cross as Hubbell eats at the diner Katie works in at night. They also share a creative writing class where Hubbells’ natural talent shines, while Katie struggles to get her paper noticed.

The Way We Were honestly captures a relationship, without taking away the fantasy element of it all.

Why am I recommending this film? Because it’s good. It shows the development of a relationship between two people who seem different, but perfect for each other. You feel the pain when Katie is yelling at Hubbell to make him see no one will ever love him the way she does. He agrees, but says that it just got too hard because she expected him to be perfect.

Breaking-up sucks. There’s no nice way to do it. If you’re one of the few that actually works things out and gets back together, you’re in the minority. Usually break-ups are final. When you feel like dirt, can’t sleep at night, and wish your ex was there, it’s nice to watch a movie where someone is going through the same thing. True not all of the elements of The Way We Were are relatable, but you will know what it feels like to lose someone that meant a great deal to your life. Crying along with Barb and Bob may help you let out your own pain and realize you’re not the only one who was dumped for differences in politics, religion or need for personal apperances. If you’re anything like me you’ll enjoy the sappy love theme, whose words What's too painful to remember, We simply choose to forget, will help you remember the happier times and not the sad.

Hi everyone!

Well, this will be the first post of PJSandAMovie! I'm excited to use this as an outlet to talk about my favorite films. Anyone, is more than welcome to come and check out what articles I've posted. Please leave feedback, but all I ask is that you keep it fairly clean. I don't want angry emails from anyone's parents. The topic for the first few posts will be Break-Up Movies. I'm going through one myself, so I figured I'd share what films helped me feel better. Most importantly I've watched all of these movies while wearing what I feel comfortable in, my pjs. Ok I'm off to get the first movie article up.