Monday, October 20, 2008

Can the Worst Witch Become the Best

What do you get when you put Fairuza Balk, Charlotte Rae, Diana Rigg, and Tim Curry in a film? Snappy dialogue, hilarious shenanigans, and a smack meowing cat.

Straight out of 1986, the Worst Witch, helped me through grade school. Every autumn day I’d awake, get myself together and watch a few glimpses of this classic Halloween flick.

The heroine, Mildred Hubble (Fairuza Balk) lives up to the films title. With her messy hair, wrinkly clothing, poor marks in class, and constant tardiness, Mildred isn’t the first choice for anything.

As if being a screw up isn’t bad enough, Mildred is continuously taunted by Ethel Hallow, the schools top witch.

However, as Halloween approaches, Miss Cackles International Academy for Witches preps for the arrival of the Grand Wizard (Tim Curry).

Each witch auditions for a chance to broom fly in the Grand Wizards welcoming ceremony.

When Zoe Chant-Vestry dips into the Laughter Potion again, Mildred replaces her in the group formation.

However, Miss Hardbroom detests Mildred’s old, ugly broom. Ethel Hallow agrees to lend Mildred her spare, but places a curse on it beforehand.

As expected, Mildred’s whacked out broom causes catastrophe and the night ends as the Grand Wizard flies off to “another gig.”

Will Mildred be expelled? Will Ethel get her comeuppance? Does the Grand Wizard still dig Miss Hardbroom?

The answers and catchy repartee are awaiting you.

So watch the Worst Witch, because sometimes greatness must be learned, not bred.