Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Live Your Dreams With Teen Witch

A saxophone begins blaring sweet love through the air as a steamy dream sequence introduces the audience to Brad and Louise.

The two characters dance around trying to entice the other. Just as Louise leaps to her dream man’s arms, the alarm sounds.

Awake and back to reality, Louise (Robyn Lively) is less than the popular girl. She’s the girl whom everyone treats like a toddler.

Her plain, acne speckled face stays lost in the hallway crowd.

Her closest friend, Polly, isn’t much of a looker either.

To add insult to injury her bratty brother, Richie, managed to stick her diary entry to her English homework. Naturally her ass of a teacher reads the steamy details of Louise’s lust for Brad (Dan Gauthier) to the class.

Mortified, Louise flees to the ladies room.

Gradually, Louise’s interaction with Brad increases since they share many classes.

One night, after flattening her tire, Louise is offered a ride by Brad and Randa, but passes.

Instead she meets an eccentric little lady named Madame Serena.

Louise gets spooked from the woman’s prediction of strange powers arriving on her 16th birthday and bolts.

Everyone, except Polly, is a no show to Louise’s birthday party. However, her powers arrive during her troubled sleep. The next day Louise finds an interesting pendant while chatting with her drama teacher.

Things appear to be looking up when Randa sets Louise up with her nerdy cousin David. Unfortunately, this dude is Buddy Holly and Steve Urkel’s love-child. When she’s had enough of her date from hell, she tells him to leave her alone and he does.

Freaked out by her dates disappearance Louise visits Madame Serena again and the two begin to bond.

The real fun happens as Louise picks and chooses whose life to alter with magic.

Revenge is sweet when it occurs in front of an audience.

Having the ability to make your dreams a reality is at the heart of the film.

As the story progresses our heroine finds her powers are a blessing and curse.

Is popularity everything?

Is love worth having if it’s given unwillingly?

Although, there will never be one right answer, the movie helps you decide.

Big hair. Funky music. Spandex and mini skirts.

Teen Witch is a true 80’s flick that lets your heart sing “It’s never gonna be…the same again. Never gonna be…the same again.