Monday, January 21, 2008

Katherine Heigl, Take Me Away!

White sandy beaches. One-piece, thong swimsuits. Bright florescent clothes. Ahhh, the 90’s.

During this phase in time I was a tween, not quite kid, not quite a teen. In those days I lived many adventurous tales within my mind. I used any excuse to take myself away from the humdrum of Southern New Jersey living.

You would too if you went to Catholic School and constantly thought about a father who dipped in and out of your life like a census taker.

The movie My Father the Hero gave me the ticket to paradise I always wanted. It starred the then unknown actress Katherine Heigl and Gerard Depardieu. In this zany flick a father and daughter head off to the Bahamas for a vacation to reconnect. However, Nicole, played by Heigl, doesn’t make this easy for her deadbeat dad.

Nicole cooks up a scheme to get the boy of her dreams to notice and fall for her. Through the course of her lies she not only grows closer to her father, Depardieu, but she has a memory making first kiss.

True the plot can become somewhat ridiculous at times, but it still offers an entertaining escape from everyday life. Not to mention the location is gorgeous. I can’t help but envy the cast and crew because they got paid to be surrounded by sun, sand, and surf.

Although, the script makes Katherine Heigl’s character a cross between bi-polar and beautiful, she manages to pull off an endearing performance. She left me wondering what other movies she would go on to do.

However, it would take me till the premiere of Grey’s Anatomy and 2007’s Knocked Up to see that this chick is more than a pretty face. She’s an actress who has the ability to take you with her, no matter how low the temperature drops.