Friday, April 11, 2008

Freaky Friday-There Will Be Blood

Welcome to this week's edition of Freaky Friday.

This week I'm spotlighting Paul Thomas Anderson's, There Will Be Blood.

I watched this film not knowing much about it, except that the director of Punch Drunk Love and Boogie Nights had once again done cinematic magic and Oscar winner, Daniel Day Lewis played the lead.

Set against the backdrop of turn of the 20th century California, we meet Daniel Plainview, a struggling silver miner.

Through hard work and luck Daniel begins a career in oil, not the most glamorous job, but lucrative.

On his journey for wealth and power he acquires a orphan boy named H.W., played as a child by Dillon Freasier and adulthood by Russell Harvard, an actual deaf actor.

The two are business partners and seem to share a loving bond.

Enter Paul Sunday. He comes to Plainview with a business tip. Paul wants Plainview to come and save his family's ranch by pumping oil from the land.

Plainview and H.W. pay a visit and soon the wheels of greed and expansion are turning.

Plainview tells the people of Little Boston, California that the oil will bring in business, money, and renovation.

Along the way there is an accident that leaves H.W. deaf, automatically prompting dad to ship him off to an asylum.

However, the climax of the film, with the sanctimonious psycho, Eli Sunday, forces Plainview to send for his boy and resume the old father-son facade.

The malicious acts of the characters are fueled by the menacing music.

Daniel Day Lewis is superb with his American Accent, porno 'stache, and cold-blooded ethics.

I won't spoil the end of this incredible flick.

Just know that the freaks come out at night. So watch this one tonight.

Till next week!