Monday, April 7, 2008

Monday Man

Welcome to this week's edition of Monday Man.

My pick was actually chosen for me. When I learned of Charlton Heston's death I couldn't resist sharing my opinion on him and the Ten Commandments.

When I was a little girl my grandfather and I would watch this film every year for Easter.

Over the years more people have celebrated Easter and Passover with the annual ABC broadcast of the Cecil B. Demille classic.

When I became an adult I took several classes in college that allowed me to view the Bible from a literary stance and not as the word of God.

When I took the class The Old Testament and Film, we spent many weeks studying the story of Moses with more than one version of the Bible. Once we completed the readings, we moved on to the films.

We watched the Prince of Egypt, the animated story of Moses, and the Burt Lancaster, 1970's, Moses the Lawgiver, version. Although, I really like the Prince of Egypt, and tolerated Lancaster's mini-series, it still didn't have the same appeal as The Ten Commandments.

I mean who can resist the technicolor splendor of water turning to blood and the outlandish costumes and monumental sets.

Not to mention that Moses' hair becomes a character of its own. As he ages his hair brightens and becomes larger than life.

Charlton may have overacted somewhat, but it was the style of the time and adds to cathartic effect of "Let My People Go."

So on this first Monday after the death of this powerful icon, don't shed a tear. Let us remember that Charlton Heston gave us an unforgettable performance that would make the real Moses proud and envy his stylist.

Till next week!


Regina said...

Hi Tamika!
once I learned of his passing the first thing that ran through my mind was the thought that he must be excited to perhaps have the chance to meet the ones that he portrayed in film! That must have been one heck of a meeting!

I love the Ten Commandments, it is a classic but my favorite is Ben Hur! Awesome movie.

RIP to a great movie icon.