Monday, May 12, 2008

Monday Man-Javier Bardem

Welcome to this week's edition of Monday Man.

Today I'm spotlighting Javier Bardem.

Over the weekend I viewed the film adaptation of Love in the Time of Cholera.

Javier Bardem stars as, Florentino, the tormented admirer of Fermina Dazza, played by Giovanna Mezzogiorno.

The two meet while in their early 20's and parental control quickly follows. Florentino's father, Lorenzo (John Leguizamo), forbids his daughter to marry such a young pauper and moves the family away.

During their time apart Florentino and Fermina become pen-pals. Upon meeting again Fermina rejects Florentino and opts for the rich doctor Juvenal Urbino (Benjamin Bratt).

Through the course of fifty years Florentino and Fermina's paths continuously cross. All the while Florentino carries a passionate flame of longing for the copulation of his body, mind, and spirit with Fermina.

Will these two get their elderly grooves on? I won't say.

Just know that with Bardem's natural ability to be his characters, Love in the Time of Cholera, will make you see that out of sight doesn't mean out of mind.


Regina said...

Interesting pick. I've never heard of him.

PJSandAMovie said...

He's good. You should also check out Before Night Falls, which I've reviewed on here. Such a great movie.