Monday, May 26, 2008

Wednesday Woman-Nicole Lyn

Welcome to this week's Wednesday Woman.

Today's spotlight shines on the beautiful, Nicole Lyn.

This actress lends eloquence to whatever role she tackles.

Beginning her career at the age of 9, Nicole Lyn has appeared on the series Ramona, Are You Afraid of the Dark and Student Bodies.

However, she made a big leap when co-starring in the Anne Rice mini-series, Feast of All Saints.

She plays the nearly white daughter of Cecile St. Marie and sister to Marcel.

The life of the tragic mulatto is traditionally laced with lies, self-loathing, and death.

Thankfully, Anne Rice puts a dramatic spin on the situation of being linked to two different society's and not finding peace within either.

Nicole Lyn shines as the emotionally tortured and envied beauty of the gens de couleur libre, or the Free People of Colour.

Through the course of the series Marie begins to awaken to the cruelties of life and the trap her multiracial genetics have given her.

Should she follow her heart or give in to the enslavement of being a white man's mistress, like her mother Cecile?

Only seeing this movie will give you the answer, but one thing is certain.

The survival of a vicious attack and betrayal toughens Marie up. It forces her to stand up for her beliefs and move forward in life.

So sit back, grab a snack, and celebrate the Feast of All Saints.


Aritul said...

She is really beautiful.